The remnants of our race.

A scenebuild I made on GM_Black

Don’t know if this is threadworthy but I’ll post it here anyway.

C&C is always appreciated.

I would make that hole bigger. And what’s that flying grass on the left? Anyway, I like it.

wonderful angle and scenebuild
terrible volumetric light tho

shouldve just edited it in rather than use an ingame model 4 that effect

Butthurter said right, this light is just ruining whole picture, that might be awesome, if you would draw the effects in PS.

I hope its okay to ask but, “What the heck is that?”

I don’t have photoshop and I’m not capable of editing images.

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“The remnants of our race” :). Nah, just kidding, I just made something because I felt inspired by Themask’s scenebuilds.

Ooh, gotcha, its pretty impressive though.

Dude, a gmod screenshot, whatever how much effort you’ve put to it, is just a blank list for PS editing. Everyone have started from something, and a while ago all those incredible editors didn’t known anything about PS. There is no “incapable” peoples, you just should learn how to make a good pics.

i always used that fuck ugly volumetric light model myself 4 years
if u still insist on using that thing then find a better position 2 place it where it doesnt clip thru props noticeably

You’re one of the last people that should give photoshop advice. Either way, a lot of people make great pictures without photoshop. You do NOT need photoshop to make a gmod picture. Look at Xana’s or Viper’s work. Neither of them use PS, at least, rarely, and their work is great.

Torchwood, a Gmod picture is not a blank slate for photoshop editing. A blank white page is a blank slate for photoshop editing.


don’t start

Butthurter said it, the Volumetric kind of kills the atmosphere, it could also use a bit of contrast.
Something which is most likely lots of work in Photoshop but can be easily fixed ingame is to use better stone models because map geometry is literally the last thing you want to have in your picture(this also includes map lighting, it’s really ugly most of the time).
Try to cover up the map with detailed props or ragdolls or effects, it can upgrade your screenshot a lot!

You should ask around to see if you could find someone who’d be interested in editing your work for you. It’s a pretty damn neat scenebuild, but HL2’s light props don’t really cut it. It was a good idea though, but it’s a hard idea to execute. Something you might try to replicate directional light is maybe making the rimlighting a little stronger.

Also, your shadows look a little grainy. There’s some tips and tricks in this thread that could help.

I’m not the best, and this didn’t turn out GREAT. Tried to fix your grass clipping through the fence as well

I’m too lazy to answer to everyone separately, so just. Fuck you. Whatever, who’s reading this. :v:

oh wow this again

Thanks to everyone for your feedback, it helps a lot. :downs:

I think you need a time out mr. “you should learn how to make good pics”