The Remnants


Tried to simulate bouncing light here, so there was a fuckton of lights everywhere. There’s not much to say about this other than that I’ve not done anything in a while because of my finals coming up, so I’ll just post this here and go back to studying…or pretending to be studying. Oh well, that’s that.

Also, if you’ve got any song that fits, feel free to post it… or just keep it to yourself, either way is fine.


It looks really good, save for the god awful mountain textures.

Looks great, love the lighting.

p much, that lighting is so good it really saddens me to see those 90s cg type mountains in the background

Is it just me or does something look wrong with the eyes of the guy in the armored suit?

how did you add clouds?

I used one of the skydomes from TheMask’s scenebuild megapack.

I think it’s the light reflecting in his eyes. The light bulbs still do that even when they’re invisible.

That combination of the power armor with an old school steel helmet actually looks really fucking cool.

Wish you added some vegetation or rocks on those background mountains to cover up its low res appearance though. An interesting trick I think could have been done is if you spawned witcher mountains but then colored them yellow/orange/brown to fit the environment. Color tool’s a pretty neat way of making rocks fit an environment.

Looks great, lighting is awesome, Very good scenes