The Render Bug: What it is and help.

I am making this post for all of those who keep asking on Rust or on the forums if there is a render bug.

For those of you who are asking right now, yes, there is a render bug right now.
Now, what is a render bug and how is it bad?

The render bug is when you cannot see models of enemies ( Zombies, animals, people, stone, wood, and sometimes buildings ) and hence look invisible.
However, these things can see you and will react on what you do, such as a zombie charging at you, animals trying to bite you, and such.
For new players, this can be very annoying and will get confused as of why they are randomly losing health and are bleeding, so if you need help with the render bug, here’s some tips

  • Don’t be close to radiated areas, most of the time, they will have zombies and dangerous things you cannot see.

  • If you’re being hurt by something you cannot see, sprint to the nearest hill, as some zombies cannot climb and the wolves or bears will hopefully stop bothering you

  • inside job. Don’t go wandering around right now, because this is probably one of the hardest times to go out, especially at night, instead, upgrade your house with security, cook materials, or get gearto

  • if you have to go out for food or emergency options, plan what you’re going to do, if you see an animal or stone (which might be uncommon), try to get the job done as fast as possible.

          There are still some things unknown about this glitch, as of can we hit them back? and how does their model disappearing affect their hitmarker? 

Also, some players found a way to bug this bug so that they may see other players, but other players cannot see them ( Player A can see Player B, but Player B cannot see Player A. )
I will not exploit this bug of a bug as it is against the rules and I do not want to support this bug.

Sorry for bad grammar.

Or just wait till it’s fixed.

Sadly, some people are impatient and get killed in the woods :c

The server was going great then it went down for 10 minutes, when it came back up the render bug was back :frowning: Im sure it will be fixed soon.

the render bug is also spatially dependent, if you log in about 100 meters around you you can see everything that has spawned in, if you move out of this area you will no longer see anything that is supposed to render. currently the area does not follow you. and when you leave it, nothing appears. however, if you take the risk, and move out to a new location, you can log out and back in to get a new 100 meter radius to explore. its annoying, but may help some.

if you attempt this method, do not continue with logout. if you take any damage, run back. taking damage will still register with the combat log scripts and will kill you.