The request to the administration.

I request more attention in the server “Moscow Hapis” because so many players use aimbot. And also please the Nazis banned.
And also, please assign multiple administrators responsible.

Why would they assign multiple admins just to one server? They’re busy making the game during the day and at night most of them are probably with their family’s, they don’t have time go running around after hackers because you’re not getting an optimal game experience.

I’m just going to ignore that whole part about “please the nazis banned”.

If it bothers you that much go find a new server, and if you want one with a strong admin presence find a community server. Official servers are for testing, and it’s an early access game, these things happen. Move on.

Oh, come on. It took em 74yrs to get to Moscow, be kinda harsh to ban them after all that >.>