The Rescue Vehicle has Arrived

Ellis: “Alright ev’ryone to the A-”


-All of the lights I put outside the APC were overshadowed by the one I brushed in right at the end of editing. :argh:
-Ellis is holding a crowbar and has a defib hanging from his waist. As seen here.
-Bill has both a deagle and a 1911.
-This screenshot went through so many stages during idea development, and was meant to be the last image posed in my mini series of Ellis and Zoey’s relationship.
-Coach isn’t in this picture. Whether he’s dead or not is unknown.
-Zoey was prepared for the kiss to happen right before they got to the vehicle. Hence why she doesn’t have anything in her hands. :ninja:
-You can’t see the dented fence the military knocked down. But it is there, you can see it at the bottom of the original.
-It took me forever to get their mouths to meet. :argh:
-Why I give you the black bar versions and Facebook the signature version is beyond me.
-Bloocobalt is a fucking god with his modifiable stuff.
-I’m still in a rather romantic mood. :love:

Stupid peoples killed themselves >:C

B’awwwwwwwwwwww :333

The rim-lighting is pretty bad.

Rim-light looks cartoonish. Other than that, not bad.

Right, I’ve tried to improve on the rim lighting. Had to remake it from the start because I forgot to save the first as a .psd. :bang:

Well, this one got a pretty low quality.
Lights are ok, posing is quite nice.

its pretty good (metaphorical and possibly literal) can you get me a link to the rescue viehicle?

It looks like they’re on railway tracks, and the APC is a train… I like that concept better. :v: