The Rescue

Been awhile, eh?

-The bearded male_09 model is something i did ages ago and have never found a use for.
-Beards are pretty cool.
-I don’t really have any other fun facts, i was just kinda doing this for ol’ times sake.

So i recently got a new computer, and it’s was also a good excuse to start a clean install of gmod without all the old models i’ve been hoarding and never using.
Meaning i can make comics again, because gmod no longer takes 30 minutes to load.

I’m also a bit rusty, so sorry about that.

Dude, that was way too awesome. I hope you make more of these.

Pure gold man, very excellent, humorous work :slight_smile:

Excellent work, Madman; it’s like yet another taste of ye’olde comics.

My underwear is off.

Your comic never get old.

Awesome. Although, I think torchwood could have done a better beard. And he would have made the pictures a lot more pleasing to the eye with his master editing skills.

Your comic is great, probably the best one I’ve read on here. That part with the female agent was just great, keep it up!

The legend never dies.

He’s just missing in action.

Simply awesome. Your expressions are top notch.

Here’s hoping for more!

Fantastic, just fantastic.


PRAISE ALLAH, Madman is back again

Thanks everyone, it feels good to be making comics again!


I’m just kidding, that was great! I’m a bit tired of perskin comics overall, I feel like they’re a relic of the past, but I’ll make an exception for this level of quality. (I’m sure people are sick of HL2 comics too, come to think of it.)

If there’s one thing I can point to that you might improve on, it’s the fact that the speechbubbles are very jagged and aliased. Other than that, everything’s A+, as expected!

Also, just to clarify, you’re actually not Rusty. Rusty is another guy. You’re madmanmad.

Great job madman! Comic seem to be on the rise again. This was awesome!

I cracked up at the dude breaking his neck and the Michael Rosen Reference.
Good to see some comics again!

Haha, that was fantastic.

Also whatever happened to that interactive adventure thing you did? I remember that being rather popular. Any chance you might do another, or is it strictly non-interactive comics for you now?

I lost it at agent 007 hurking on the floor.