The Residance

Teaser of little series called “The Residance”.It is the story of "The Residance"platoon who fight against evil combine…
Coming Soon :smiley:

boring plot, too many boring half life themed movies like this.
by the way did you mean ‘residence’ as in somewhere u stay, or were you meant to spell ‘resistance’.

I know but the residance is different thing(You will see it in movie)

why do I not believe you.

Nothing I’ve never seen before.

If you had said this was a Half-Life 2 Montage/Tribute, then I’d say it’s…kinda good. However as a teaser trailer for a machinima?..yeah nothing special.

After seeing your other video, I won’t be looking forward to this.

Definitely nothing special, but it could have been entertaining if you had put more effort in it.