The Resistance key members in a club

Steryotypical club music:

L-R: ‘The Wolf’ (Computer Technician) Alec ‘Demo’ Harring (Demolitons Expert) Jones Upwoods (Second-In-Command, Genetic Anomaly) Jack T. Raiden (Ex-military Sgt. and sniper. Leader of the Resistance.)
“You need to get out more, Jones.”
“I don’t because each time I do, I see normal people, and their lives…”
“…And I realize, I can’t have that anymore…I’m a freak”
“You’re not a freak, you’re like you said, ‘Genetically Empowered’”

Somewhat nicer editing than your previous work.

Sup, DB.
Nice lighting on this one.

Thanks for the C/C

The bald guy’s eyes.



The dude winking at the camera made me lol.

Shouldn’t have, he has a missing eye. that’s why his eye is closed.

Lol I thought he was winking. The smile… lol. Sorry.

:ohdear: I feel bad now…

so you should. sniper rounds hurt mang

Thats a very dirty wall

hmmm yay not another generic picture i like it

Thought I recognized that skin.

Is that a techno version of the song from Empire of the Sun? Probably not, what was it?

Anyhow not bad, there’s something I don’t quite like about the dialogue. Then again, I usually don’t like people’s dialogue in these sort of things.

Well when you live in a world ruled by a totalitarian government scheme that shoots people in the head for crashing cars into their men. your priorities aren’t really to make the walls very clean.