The Resistance


Shoutout to ALL comic makers of the past, recent times and the future!

The next installment of Team Life will arrive this weekend! Stay tuned.


Haha, cool comic! You made me a little… err, quirkier (and gayer?) than the usual portrayals, but I guess holding off zombies for a few years would do that to you.

That said, I didn’t get around to testing the ‘hobo’ facemap, but it came off better than expected!

If I can give any constructive feedback, I’d just say that at some points there’s a noticeable fisheye lens effect. I suggest instead of taking wide shots up close, you get some distance and use the zoom function instead.

Welcome. :smiley:

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Nice job! These are really cool.

Funny cause I wasn’t too far behind you on the return, Near :V

Yes! More! This is awesome!