The resourses moaning

Most of us are moaning about the problem of resourses and the most popular proposal is just to increase the spawn of the “rocks”. The biggest problem about this resourse is that it’s not balanced itself, I mean that as long as one rock containes 3 kinds of resource (stones, metal and sulfur) there will be no “correct” solution to the issue. My suggestion is to split theese “rocks” into 3 different ones, so there will be a rare “black rock” with metal, “white rock” with sulfur, and most common “brown rocks” with stones. (never mind the colours I named please, it’s just for the understanding of my proposal since my english is not that good:).
So once we have separate rocks of different spawn periods and numbers we can increase stones drops and decrease metal drops, as a result servers wouldn’t be fluded with toughly armed bunches that farm half of the damn map and give no chance to naked ass people to survive the night. This looks more logical than the present situation when players have to survive in canyon like surroudings having a problem of geting some stones.
Thank you for attention :smile:

No, most of us are not moaning about resources. Go play on a less populated server.

I do think they should remove stones from the rocks and provide those from any of thecliff rocks on the mountains.

I guess that there is no interest in playing almost a standalone survival in Rust… people are the interest, espesialy when there are plenty of them struggling over influence

Sure, provided they get nothing but stone and no ore of any kind.

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What does this even mean? Stand alone survival in Rust? There’s nothing to survive from. Ooooh, animals and zombies that only spawn in certain areas and are zero threat whatsoever. So difficult!

Try to be nice, kid.

I’m afraid that’ll be too easy, there should be some challenge to get them, otherwise it wouldn’t be interesting :smile:

it wouldnt be fun unless there are people that are worse off than than you. just like real life right?

Exactly, that’s the point :slight_smile:

Why not just stick with what they have planned? I do like the idea of 3 different rocks though.

Edit: I’m an idiot and forgot the trello link.

I presume you’re on a 200 person server? In my time playing 50-90ish people was optimal for the area, enough that you get into fights over resources and space, but not so much that you can’t take 2 steps without seeing 20 shacks on the ground.

You’re 18, go call people kid in hello kitty online.

I’m afraid I do not no all the plans of the developers, but still I hope that they will come to some conclusion with the minerals

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You are right, there may be no resource problem in less populated servers, but I think that they are not as fun as the 200 ones

I’m refering to the resource stones. That are currently only used to make a furnace, workbench, stone hatchet, and arrows. Having it return only one stone per swing regardless of tool used would put it on par with the trees that are found everywhere. With it’s limited usage, and possible limited return, I don’t see how this would make the game easier beyond a fresh start.

In this way yes I agree. I would also like the idea of expanding the possibilities of stone usage since it’ll be a more popular resource (i.e. walls, fences, throwables, knifes, slings, spears and so on).

I would like to see ability to get stone just from bashing every stone like you can do with trees. But it would be hard to implement count of stone you can get from one rock because they are mostly huge.

I think the drop may be random depending on the type of tool you are using

they have a huge map and very little resource areas that can be locked down pretty easily. I’d say they should just randomly spawn all over. THe map is HUGE when you really get down to it. But only a portion of it is really habitable

I usually agree with [BBNH] Jesus on most topics, but I have to differ here. Going from resources like crazy in hacker valley to 5 nodes spawning within 10-15 minutes is very frustrating especially when trying to build a base with 8 people. Just to get any resources we have to go over the ridge and raid / resource when we can just to keep 1-3 people in full gear. With guns / kevlar being 3x harder to make and lower resource nodes on top of that, its been a real buzz kill.

Resources are working well, as intended.

You’re not supposed to be able to build a giant ass house in one resource gathering session. That’s part of the challenge. You guys are whining about how hard the game is and you want to make it easier by changing the spawn rate of things. Why not just fucking deal with the difficulty level? it’s not HARD to build anything. Make a hidden 1x1 house to store up your stuff until you have enough to build the entire thing.

Be intelligent. Don’t ruin the game because you can’t figure out how to use creativity or ingenuity properly.