The Restaurant (Machinima)

This is my second garrys mod machinima. The focus was to incorporate ragdolls in every scene and use stop motion instead of animation or faceposer, which I’m still working on. There was also no story line or script when I started out. I filmed everything then added the story/voices later.

All information is in the credits.

Feel free to critique, ask question, or comment on it. I’m open to all criticism.

I feel the ‘machinima’ wasn’t planned out very well, and the “stop motion” wasn’t good at all. There were far too few frames, and 1/4 of the movie was just that big mac song. It used a lot of unnecessary mish-mashing of source characters. The voice acting wasn’t good. Random explosions aren’t funny either, along with other “lolo so randum ^-^” stuff. Also, having barny walk into the bar and hold the bar up didn’t make much sense since Barney was sitting in the bar already.

There was no plot, no morale, no real climax, and the humor was generally out of date, aloing with the voice acting being really poor.

In short, it’s bad.

I understand everything you said even though I covered most of it in my OP. I did realize derp when I used barney as the bad guy. I didn’t feel like going back and redoing the scene.

Also, this was my first time using stop motion, I had no idea how many screen shots I was going to need. Next time I’ll use a script so I can story board and plan it out in advance.

And yes the jokes were bad I put them in at the last minute, I debated scrapping the mcdonalds rap order. It was poorly animated and was meh.

and as for my voice, it’s too damn deep. I couldn’t match any of the characters if I tried.