The result of Valve being Valve

…and smashing Link today in a landslide. This was made in honour of Freeman’s greatness.

MS Paint edit?

Nope it was Photoshop :S

I lol’d.
I don’t know if it was intentional, but it was pretty damn funny.

That blood looks much more awesome than a lot of shitty “real” attempts, actually.

Eh, I’m still glad I voted for Link.

Burn him!

He’s using the wrong end of the crowbar.

Posing seems alright, but hes holding the crowbar wrong, completely wrong… And that was photoshop? Looks more like MS Paint, Powerpoint, Screenshot then paste and crop in Paint…

i like the blood.

A Grand Slam Hit

His swing went from right to left, not the other way silly :downs:.

The blood makes this funnier.

The blood is awesome, it’s just too cartoony.

Motion blur on blood wouldve been nice

It looks like confetti

The blood looks great, not realistic great but funny great.
Kind of like Freeman hitted Link like if he was playing baseball

Thanks for the input guys, I’m fairly experienced with PS but not putting blood in from scratch.
And about him holding the crowbar wrong, that grey bit at the bottom is the base of it, not the head. It just looks like the head because it’s grey. Trust me, I posed it.

That’s exactly what I was getting at.

Now in exciting new cowbell flavors!

Gordon vs Link
i voted Gordon