The Retarded 3

I ALSO PUT IT IN "Videos And Flash Movies and That Kind Of Crap"

Meet the retarded 3, 3 people with super natural powers that can save lives… or take some…

Here’s a summery about the characters:
L4Z0R: He’s a person that has 1 eye, and with that eye he can shoot a laser from it. And he does his best to save lives along with his friends in the group, The Retarded 3.

Black fly man: He’s a person that can fly. But while flying, he thinks he has noclip. But other then that he’s a good contribute to the Retarded 3, always picking up “Bad guys” and dropping them into jail.

Lamarr, twin brother to Dr. Kliner’s Lamarr He’s more annoying and more retarded. And all he can do is light people on fire.

Hope you Like it!!

Well… it is rather poor. You clearly tried to make it obviously stupid, but you succeeded so well that it moved beyond parody and produced not humor but actual stupidity. Try to improve your voice acting, and make everything less awkward. Ragdoll flailing is not funny.

The voice acting is really bad

I was not enthused. There’s no need for a sequal. That’ll be all.

Awful. absolutely.

Oh great Zeus, what in the River Styx is that? Don’t post unfunny garbage like that here ever again.