The retards on

They make me want to hunt them down and kill them for being so incredibly retarded.

Seriously, how can you survive being that retarded?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go on and go on any remotely popular download and look in the comments.

Let’s taker a look at a few, shall we;


(In response to Warren)

Basically, the whole page is full with retarded little whiny kids complaining about having to bind a key to open the menu.


Just reading these makes me want to give up on GMod all together.

Am I alone on this?

what is this “” you speak of

But yeah, your point is correct. Zip files are not hard to understand, people. Plus the “OMG THIS IS A VIRUS!!!11oneone” comments are annoying as fuck too.

You did not just ask that

OP missed out the “s” in, and now I must point it out to everyone for the greater good of mankind or something.

Half of the comments on my COD NPCS are people bitching about needing to verify their account to DL something or the only comments I get are “OMFG YOUR FILE DOESN"T WORK” or “I PLACED IN ADDONS AND NOTHING, PLZZZZ MAKE IT WORK”

On my COD players

And whining about retards makes you smarter, right?

I didn’t think so, but OK.

I don’t see how these comments affect us in anyway. If its your thing there complaining about, don’t listen, and just make a thread on facepunch for the good comments.

Bugs the shit out of me. Also ZOMG you have 2,751 posts :fuckoff:

hey have you ever heard of youtube? needs a comment option.
So you can disable them on your upload or enable them.

Eh mistakes happen. But I do agree.

I know how to solve this problem! Don’t read em…

The problem is there are retards on

Reading them will not remove the retards.

Don’t try to be a smart arse.

I Say, at the only Retards in are those who keep uploading Sex - Porn Addons.
Some thing i took from Parent’s section “Does Garrys mod have sex? Garry: No”
I know at is not Garrys mod, but what would you think that kid is doing? Running around in
Gm_Construct and eating balls? ( You can eat Garry’s “Bouncy Balls” by Pressing E on them. Theres a Achievement based on it.)

You know whats the only thing funnier than whining babies?

People whining about whining babies.

It is very easy to simply NOT READ the comments if you have that much of a problem with them.

Just going outside makes me want to give up on humanity all together.