The Return of Ceiling Zombie

Shitty editing ahoy!


Also, Ceiling Zombie was a bitch to pose, I’ll never understand why statue physics are so terrible. I finally just did it as a regular ragdoll and that still didn’t turn out quite right.

There’s no ceiling

I don’t know why, but this is bloody hilarious.

Or is there?

Just look at that tracer.

I mean I’ve heard of parabolic motion but this is ridiculous.

I’ll be here til thursday try the veal

:v: ceiling zombie :v:

Wait a minute… are you screwing with us?

Well, if it’s bad, forgive me. Give me some tips, then- how can I improve?

Rocket bullets.

When half the characters in the 'shot have broken backs, there is something wrong with it. Study people then pose, and take time. I am not too pro at this whole deal, but when I create a pose I make sure it is actually worth keeping, else I just leave it be. I admit, I did not start off with amazing talent, but I progressed into an amateur in the least. Just, when you pose, compare what you have to a picture of real people in similar form; one of the big parts of posing is making the characters have realistic aspects of their form. Do not worry about editing your image until the posing actually looks natural. Even zombies have a specific method to stand or walk about. Just because they are half dead does not mean that they are free of physical limitations.

Ultimately, pose first. Spend your time on the pose. If you only spend ten minutes on a pose, it will (unless you know what you are doing) look like crap. When you pose, do not edit, instead post it here; if they are willing to edit it, you know it is good enough to try the editing yourself.
I cannot help on this part: be original. All poses of war (and used to be of interest) have been exhausted. This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to make them, but it means that they are less enjoyable. This community will like it if you produce original content, or simply stunning combat content.

This is the best I can do; I am no pro. Please remember that.

Holy fuck, look out guys, his pistol fires ROCKETS!