The Return of Kusanagi (GIT:SAC)

I have returned from the deep, dark, underbelly of the interwebs with a new project.

I am a fan of the Ghost in the Shell series, and i was quite sad to find there was no models of any of the characters yet for Gmod, no Motoko, no Batou, no Togusa, no Saito… i was quite pissed.

So after downloading and playing NeoTokyo (and getting a raging hard-on for GITS once again) i decided to reskin the model that resembles the Major the most, It’s rather dark and it’s a test image to see if i get the vibe down… here is my reskin of Faith.

If this turns out well, i plan on making more pictures… I’m trying to find ways to make the rest of the cast and crew from the show. (I’ve managed to create a decent Saito, no idea how i plan on doing Batou or Togusa though… any ideas are welcome.)

Plus i got a new LCD Monitor instead of my big junky CRT i’ve had for years, so i can see much more now.

Faith looks awesome!

Exactly what i was aiming for.

Wow great job on everything Metz very beautiful to look at.

Great re-skin.

Thanks, i just wish i could give her boots and some basic combat gear, but i cant model… so :\

I think all it would need is some hacking, as opposed to modelling from scratch. Ask someone like Taggart about it.

The rain overlay looks a tad strange when it crosses with her skin… That’s about it…

Good job.

Thanks, yeah, the background rain overlay i should have masked her out of it as it tends to interfere with the skin.

I uploaded a second version for your viewing pleasure.

The second version looks better.

Yeah i think so also, i put it up as the main one now.

You didn’t by any chance save that image as a JPEg did you?

I didn’t, but i can go into my PSD and save it as a JPEG… why?

Her skin itself still looks like it was compressed… It’s not a big issue, i just find it annoying >.>

Ah, i cant see it really…


Nevermind i see what you mean, but that isnt the compression… it’s the model.