The Return of ME!

Not that it’s that important… But hello Facepunch community! I have returned from the grave!

But now, I’m Police! Oh no!

… But seriously, can’t wait to get involved with the community again like I once was.

One small issue - My Garry’s Mod freezes at the loading screen when the game starts, and stays at loading. Any tips?

[Disclaimer]: This is not a help thread, I just wanted to announce my return, not that anyone cared! :stuck_out_tongue:

For a little info about me, I am the creator of GMod Mythbusters and Rory’s Role Play.

I think you’re a bit too self-obsessed.

Nailed it.

Well, so much for being social :slight_smile:

I just thought it was interesting to see a 2005 member returning, sue me.

It would have been if you were an 04’er. By the way, don’t make introduction threads.

Not really any introduction :wink:

Anyway, whatever, delete the thread, I’ll post my issue in the help forum!

Who are you and why are you acting like everyone should know you.

gtfo '05 hahahaha

call me ignorant but ive never seen you before

you aren’t important

and golly if trent_roolz never heard of rory, then i guess he is the most non important person ever! cuz trent_roolz is the all knowing mastermind of facepunch!

rory, im glad you’re back because i liked gmod mythbusters.

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