The Return of Snow Biome

If you think that Facepunch should add back the snow biome, please say here why you liked the snow biome/why do you miss it.

I enjoyed having to deal with the cold.

yes i would like to have snow biomes back please. I really like to build a house somewhere in the middle of nowhere and go outside in a snow storm…so i vote for snow biomes!

I would definitely enjoy the snow biome again, I find it challenging and exciting to be in the snow. And of course Raiding would be a different story, having raiders coming from all over the land just to try and adapt in our conditions. As well as the beautiful sight of white snow all around. Also the snow jackets look really cool and I would love to wear them again for a reason.

Snow biome was a slight different gameplay from the rest of the map and it was bringing diversity to the game


And radiation, please. I’d much rather have it the way it was until it’s changed, than not at all. They aren’t even Radtowns anymore. They’re just plain old “towns.”

Well, not really towns…just little outposts. But a small post-apocalyptic town or village would be amazing.

Bring back Snow Biome

It is a bit more difficult due to the cold temperatures which offers a reward of less fresh spawns running around. Less people tend to build there which allows you to be rewarded with more nodes and animals. I like the snow biome and it should be brought back to the game.

Agreed, the snow biome added an extra level to gameplay and made exploring the map and choosing a place to build much more fun.

I’d prefer snow everywhere rather than in one spot, and falls according to the seasons.

Well the nice thing with old snow biome is you could play one wipe in the snow biome, and the next wipe try the desert for some diversity

I miss the snow biome. Bring it back! :frowning:

Made an account just to post on this.

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I’ve mainly stopped playing on procedural maps now because of this reason, the map is so boring without the snow biome.

I play on hapis island now because I love the snow biome, the biome they replaced it with is ugly as all hell, and I avoid building in it simply because it looks bad.

Removing the snow biome was the single worst decision FacePunch have ever made when it comes to the development of this game. Bringing it back would be the best decision they ever made.

Bring back the snow biome! was the best to build in the snow!

I’d love to see it brought back and made harsher, and the desert made harsher too.

I enjoyed the mass amounts of stone for a harsh environment and all the farmer bases that are 2x2 with 10000 hqm

I want snow biome back. It was more fun. You could choose between biomes where to live. Because each of them had minuses and pluses. In snow biome u could find animals , because you knew there’s no nakeds running around with a bows. You have to think what clothes you have to wear , to go to the raid. Mainly you can’t use armor in snow biome , which makes you weaker and that’s why it makes more interesting. Wearing jacket’s makes sense again. Wearing gloves makes sense again. Burlap makes sense again. You always have to have hatchet with you to make fire camp. (I was always carrying camp fire with me :smiley: ) WE LOVE SNOW BIOME!!!


In snow biome when you starting to build there , it’s waaaay harder to survive , which gives you more fun. Rust is the game based about surviving right? So give us a chance to survive in snow biome once again!!

Snoe Biome was like hacker valley in rust. it’s amazing for solo players. some downs, and ups. i would love it back since i solo quite a bit.

I have always been partial to the snow biome. Even experienced players need a small break from the chaos. This, was that area where one could do so.
I always considered biomes like staging areas. Most new players start off in the wooded or desert areas and more skilled players went up north.

Yeah that “Nothern” Biome is just plain ugly. I want my Snow Back.

I really miss it, just because the biome returns doesnt mean you cant use the “season” effect on the whole map. Imo, dno why they would remove it in the first place. Snow biome fights were intense as fuck, and fun. Got raided for the first time by a big clan in our snow base, never forget.