The Return of Temporal Agent 01

I had an idea for a story- but couldn’t be arsed making a proper comic so it became a screenshot instead.

I love how there are 2 of the same player model. Nice facial expressions on all the characters, and I admire your nice fingerposing skills.

Um… why? The thumb on the G36 is clipping and the other characters’ hands don’t even look fingerposed.


Camera angle is really dull.

As I mentioned in another thread, I really need to get myself a sign that says SARCASM

I demand more comics from you. You are much better at doing comics than doing a single picture.


Thunder you suck

That’s the whole point.

Sorry it doesn’t come through the tubes very well.

sorry but i saw no storyline, therefore there is no point you can state here


Sh- I mean, their not wearing Bras D: