The Return of The Castro! or a bunch of unrelated screens that I cant describe!

I am back and I got some awesome stuff for you guys! :razz:
READER WARNING HUGE FOOKIN IMAGES! they might take a while to load just wait.
First up we shall see how I got out of my ban :smug:

Next is what might be my best edit…ever

Shitty video stream edition!

And here are 2 edits from the “Edit my screenshot thread”

So that is all I did while I was banned hope you guys like it and I am expecting your feedback!
now…random sax! :sax:

You have quite the ego, don’t you…

^ I just want to have something epic and I was sick so I couldnt think straight, “The toutching story of how I escaped a ban” was the result.
oh and I feel that my editing skills have improved big time, ah I can remember when you told me to get GIMP Vman…good times :razz:
but I dont mean to come off like I have a big ego, even if you where joking.

Funny you should say that in particular.


“You look like a flying penis.”

“Fuck off”

Oh god, quoted for lols.

Oh the hypocrisy! It just goes round and round!