'The Return' - Rust Video [Base Raid]

Hey guys, i made a new video. This time it was a large scale raid against our old rivals, BTN. We were outmaned and outgunned, we didn’t have a lot of ammo or medical supplies, nor did we have C4 which was foolish of us, however we made the most of the situation at hand, BTN had a very strong defense, they had a few more players than us too, some more skilled than our own but nonetheless, we were repelled. It was fairly enjoyable to partake in, hoping it’s just as enjoyable to watch :slight_smile: Any feedback is appreciated, i pulled off a few decent shots in the video which even surprised me, one including a near max-range headshot with the bolt action rifle. But yea, should be more entertaining this time around :smiley:

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=086G77IbDkI

Twas a fun firefight.

Awesome video, does my voice really sound THAT nasally?!