The Revenge Is Coming

Nice lighting, but these low res planks on the foreground are bad.

I might try to post edit it somehow.

Revenge is begin?

The music goes well with the picture, even though the lyrics don’t really fit with the theme of the pic.
Can you tell me how you do your lighting?

Way too sharp.

Actually one of those rare occasions where super DOF could’ve worked to blur out the low res planks and such.

Added the DOF to the planks.

Much better now.

I love the DoF. Very nice work.

It’s kinda accidental sometimes to be honest. :v: First I set up the main source of light, then I look via the camera and start adjusting the lamp. Then I add a few lights to make the overall scene lighted but not too much lights to not have the shadows dissapear. Then I add a lamp from a tool I don’t know name of to add shadows where the lamp does not produce them. Then adjusting all of it until I have the right lighting or feeling.

Actually they fit pretty well.

Can you explain why? I really want to know

Well, for me it’s mostly because of the chorus(just run it through google translate, it’s pretty straightforward ), though the whole song seems to be dedicated to some vague war: something about the smartest and the bravest who have died fighting, something about the lost freedom and so on. Nothing specific, but still pretty clear nevertheless.

If I am not mistaken, there exists also a female version about the cuckoo, right?

I think so, but Kino’s version is better tbh.