The revised " Post Links to your lost Model Downloads Packs here" Thread. V2

you know what to do.
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Reposts from the last thread

TrackMania cars

Links provided

Bloocobalt’s MW2 SCAR-H:
DtMech’s Crysis 2 C.E.L.L + Physics fix for them:
S-low Resident evil 5 stuff.

We need all the previous links…

Well they were probably all dead anyway.


link to the last thread at least :v:

lordzbacon is a loooooserrrr

First link is mine.

I am a G.

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Also I’m still holding onto the hope that someone has these:

What happend to the first one?

I’m guessing auto locked at 1000 post.

I’ll provide some links:

Bloocobalt’s MW2 SCAR-H:
DtMech’s Crysis 2 C.E.L.L + Physics fix for them:

Would anyone have a model pack that contains Nick as an FBI guy, the guy from Just Cause and other model i dont remember?

Here is S-low Resident evil 5 stuff.
This pack contains all these ragdolls.

Viper does those links work for you? They don’t work at all for me and I tried to use Opera, Firefox and Chorme nothings working.

The links works perfectly fine for me, i’m using Internet Explorer.

Guess I’ll try that.

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Does not work on Internet Explorer, I thought that Gamefront was blocked in Sweden? If you don’t mind, can you upload it to or Dropbox? Those work atleast.

Smooth but not necessary. Just a few seconds late hitting the “create thread button” but oh well.
Moving on.
is the only link that doesn’t work for me, the rest work fine. I’m using Firefox.

Only links I have that were not fixed on the OP from the old thread. If they were I missed them.
Silent Hill Home Coming Nurse

karimatrix Shadow imp perskin

Please, somebody tell me they have these:

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There are two different variants of those Crysis 2 Marines, i got the one that ddok release a while ago. I think the thread download still works:

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Yeah, it does work.

Looking for CJ L4D

Could someone reupload this, please? Shit ain’t working for me, and I’d really like to have the models…
There you go Trek. Have fun

Does anyone have the MW2/Frontlines Gear Pack in case people happen to need it?