The revised " Post Links to your lost Model Downloads Packs here" Thread. V2
Try that Dvader.

Does anyone know where I can get this ragdoll?

Its supposed to be in some AvP pack but so far I havent found it.


I think those models were in one of Dmlxos small AvP packs, i dunno what happened to his AvP thread.

Anyone got ?

Forgive me for making a second request for this model, but it seems to have vanished from the internet entirely.

I’m referring to Ulfen(I think?)'s Citizen hack of the Joker, which was packaged with a playing card.


I’ve found the model resources here: Anyone has these? Gamefront does not work at all for me, if someone could re-upload it to Mediafire, Workshop or so would it be awesome!

Why the dumb rating F T? Isn’t this the thread where you’re supposed to ask for stuff who you can’t download?


He dumbed it because the Link works for most people. idk why everyone has trouble but yes the gamefront link works.

I was nice enough anyways to make a new link just for you.

Does anyone still have this

Oh I see, I really don’t get it myself. Thanks btw!

Should be on Workshop.

Again, does anyone have the Roy model in these two screenshots, I asked the person who made the first one and he hasn’t responded yet. I asked the person who made the second screenshot (SuperSmashGmod) and got the same response, nothing.

Anyone have these

Does anyone have these?

Hey guys i need help, Does anyone have a DL link for Kasumi in her blue dragon outfit:

anyone have

Here you go


do you happen to have these aswel?