"The Rib Place" Rib prop. Yummy.


Next time, use the img_thumb tags please

Cause I like ya so fuckin much I just went ahead and thumbed em for ya.

Good job.
This will be useful.


This thread makes me hungry.

Jesus could you possibly have any more icons udner your name.

Looks great, but like you implied, the bumpmap is somewhat too detailed. Maybe Crazybump with a mix of the Photoshop nvidia plugin?

Photoshop Nvidia plugin won’t work for me.


Also Crazybump is a whore most of the time for me.

I need something that’s like baking a normalmap

Got that baked look to it.

Dem look damn tastey…
Bones look really good.
You are credit to team.

If you’re using Mudbox to make normal maps for props like that, you’re stupid. Mudbox/Zbrush are very majorly encouraged to be used on things like flesh and clothing.

Anyways, as far as I know CrazyBump and the nVidia plugin are pretty much the best at baking bump maps.

Wow man, to be honest I didn’t have much hope for this when you showed me the box with sticks through it.

Proved me wrong… :downs:

Well done!

oh fuck. fuck you. i must go fire up my oven now.

Sweet, but… what kind of ribs are they? :v:

Virtual ones

Delicious ones for those who like ribs.



i love ribs