The rich get richer

I’m happy to see the new turret introduced into the game, but I would like to point out that confining the crafting materials to helicopter crashes means that only well organized, strong clans capable of bringing down the chopper are ever going to get this item.

That’s probably appropriate where the turret is concerned, but in the case of weapons and armor, I urge FP not to just simply make an item more expensive, or make the blueprint more rare. All this does is ensure that the big clans get the item pretty much as quick as they ever did, and smaller groups are left out, i.e. the rich get richer.

FP talks about an early or beginning game and an end game, but it seems that the end game is achieved by the big clans within a matter of hours after a wipe. I’m not sure what should be done to extend the early game, but increasing cost and rarity is not the solution–it is the problem.

I would like to point out that anything they add makes the rich (bigger clans) richer. It’s just how it works. You got more people, well your going to be able to gather faster, kill more and die less. I would also like to point out that this is an alpha. The devs might only work on end game until it’s done before they even touch early-mid game again, although that’s unlikely.

Do you have any ideas you could actually contribute towards a fix for this? If so I would like to see them.

Have they made it so that u can loot the enemy’s turret? if so just wait till a clan has one set up and get creative to think of a way of getting 2 it. Or just team up and take the heli out, no point complaining b4 it’s even in play.
What I mean is disassemble the turret into seperete parts again, if you can make it why can’t we take stuff apart yet?

You can’t disassemble the turret currently.

Damn ahh well hopefully they add that function sooner rather than later.

I think there should be some PvE and environmental threats for bigger clans. The chopper is a good start, but some other creature that only attacks high level bases would be good.
And as for environmental, I was thinking something like radiation/acid clouds that sweep across the map, and have a degrading effect on structures.

There really isn’t a way to target only clans. That high level base that got demolished by your creature could just as well been made by a solo player. All a clan really is in Rust is a bunch of solo players who have agreed not to shoot each other. How do you target that without loners getting caught in the mix?

One of the replies here suggested I come up some of my own ideas to solve these balance issues. I’m sure the devs get an earful already, but here goes:

Gathering into large clans is probably the single biggest unbalancing factor. Players share blueprints, buildings, defense, and offensive capabilities. Cooperation is only natural, and given that it is normally very hard to get players to cooperate in a meaningful way, it shouldn’t be directly discouraged.

The blueprint system does nothing to slow down the swift onset of the endgame. First, not wiping blueprints on a server wipe means the server basically starts in end game mode right from the beginning. People with the blueprint for a automatic weapons get them within a couple of hours after the wipe. All those nice melee weapons and bows don’t stand much chance against an automatic weapon, or even a semi-auto pistol.

If the devs are hoping to have an early game that uses the primitive weapons (which I think is actually more fun) then at the very least it should come with a blueprint wipe on every server wipe. This will only delay the endgame by a few hours because larger clans will put their heads together and share what they discover, but it is a start.

Blueprints could also take time to study. A study period, combined with a wipe and a tech tree could slow down the arrival of the end game. Or automatic weapons and a few other important things could require parts that are common, but only introduced into the game several days from the wipe.

The big tech items could also come with problems and penalties. These fancy weapons should jam from time time. A machete never jams. Or how about all the high quality metal on the island is radioactive? Being near armored walls and doors can cause very slow radiation damage, and so could holding or wearing things made of HQ metal.

Another problem is the indestructibility of really big bases. By the nature of the game, creation is MUCH easier than destruction. A few days of running a mining operation yields enough stone to make a spectacular, rambling palace and compound with dozens of small, outlying buildings. You can’t destroy it, and you can’t even realistically take these things over. Their defense isn’t in their clever design, it is in sheer quantity. What part of the base does a raider spend his meager explosive budget on? The only thing I’ve ever seen bring these monsters down is neglect and decay.

How about bringing back decay for both walls and foundations, and the more structurally unsound a wall is, the more decay it suffers? This would at least provide some incentive to make things smaller and better.

My point is that the beginning game is probably the most fun period of the game, and it ends way too quickly. There are lots of possible solutions to smoothing out and prolonging the transition from beginning to endgame, and increasing the costs of things only makes the rich get richer.

You’re forgetting that creation is only easier than destruction while a player is online. For the 8 hours I’m at work, and the other 8 hours I’m sleeping, and however many hours I’m doing other things, it’s definitely easier for 2 guys armed with pick axes to destroy my walls and take my shit.