The Riddler. W.I.P

Still a wip, It wouldn’t let me reskin the GMan without briefcase for some reason… But anyway, I’ll be reskinning his briefcase so it’s more fitting, along with aload of other cool things.


ooh those eyes are so small

I know, as I said I gotta fix 'em. :B


That’s actually pretty cool.

Nice work.

Eyes look so much better now :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice reskin.

I thought It would be worse.
In my opinion is good except some thing: the mask could be better and the hat is too big o.o

yeah the hat is way too big, I dunno how to resize it tho. =B And thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really good, especially considering how Gman reskins usually look. Rated artistic.

This is turning out a lot better than how I expected it to go based on the opening post.
Well done.

Might be cool if you add little question marks all over his suit, like in the artwork in his biography in Arkham Asylum.

Thanks, I’ll try that. :slight_smile: