The Riddler.

Skin, bumps and hexing by me, there’s a slight problem with the eyes, can’t seem to sort it out, not sure what happened. :B and the hat isn’t included.

It’s a okay Reskin there just needs to be more screenshots sohwing the rest of his body.

He reminds me of the guy in the movie, “The Mask”

Too bad 'cause it’s one of the most famous batman supervillains.

not bad. good job on the mask.


Where’d the hat come from?

Very nice, but shouldn’t there be ?'s all over his suit?

I think it’s based of the arkham asylum riddler.

So… the one with all the little question marks on his suit?

Yep based on the arkham riddler, I tried the ?'s but they looked kinda crappy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a reskin of

Huh i never noticed them, guess i couldn’t see them on my tv screen.