The rising tide. Two soldiers talk while a battle rages over head

skip to 0:23

this awesome person CabooseRvB made the original picture and I edited in the explosions(made by moi) and the pew pew. Hope you all like it :smiley:

Oh and BTW this is my first explosion edit


your editing is bad.


first off
You’ve got artilery cannons
shooting aircraft? wat.
Then your smoke and explosions look like crayons on a beautiful painting.


oh and i didn’t know african americans could glow

Alright ill work on that

He’s radio active? :v:

Who stated that they were artillery cannons?

Artillery cannons are artillery cannons.

If there is a hotdog in the picture then there is a hotdog in the picture, even if the maker wants it to be a super robot from the future.

So C&C on the explosion’s?

Lackimagination much I suppose.



Also whats would YOU be doing if you saw a armada of ship above you “Hmmm we only have these big ass artillery gun’s we better not fire.”

It looks like artillery and acts like artillery.

If anyone lacks imagination in this case it’s the creator then.

Man you really have no imagination in that head eh?

Hey iceblizzard, how’d you go about making the smoke from the rocket battery? Just fancy round brush and smudge tool work?

Yeap how’d ya know :D?