The RMS Honourable download -

-ALSO AVAILABLE ON THE GARRY’S MOD WORKSHOP- (Recommended due to frequent updates)

It is my privilage and pleasure, to bring you my new -SINKABLE- ship.

-The RMS Honourable-

This is the successor to my previous map, The Royal Pilgrim.

Found here -

She’s twice as long, twice as wide and twice as tall as the Royal Pilgrim. With a VAST amount more space to explore through out it’s hull.

And the key feature that she shares with her predecessor, yes, you guessed it! THEY SINK!

Through a little creativity and a system I created, both my ships are the most realistic sinking ships for the source engine.

Enjoy, at your peril!

Also a heads up to all those film makers in the Garrys Mod community, I’m inviting you to make a quality trailer of this map, the one I choose will be featured on this page!

A video made by MCDalekSupreme. You may want to skip parts depending on how much patience you have.

(Above - The button that begins the sinking process)

On one stormy night, in a moonlit port town, you step into a tavern filled with the sound of rowdy sailors. The air is thick with the musky smell of tobbacco and body odour. Seeing no comfortable crowd for you to sit amongst, an old maritime adventurer beckons you into a shady corner of the tavern.

You go over to his table and take a seat, not knowing what to say to the old character. He eyes you up and down for a moment, and then stares into his tankard of ale.

‘Have you ever heard the story of the Royal Pilgrim lad?’ He doesn’t give you the chance to answer, ‘Well I know of a ship that suffered the same fate as she on that cursed ocean…’

Not a word has come from your mouth, you decide not to bother.

'She was a strong, glorious ship. She served many years and took many from one end of the world to the other. Her and her captain conquered many oceans and many stormy nights, through peace, and wartime. They both prevailed, only until, one night…

They say there was something eerie about that night, as if they were waiting for something to happen. It was unatural… That was the last time she would ever sail above the dark abyss.

Do you know her name lad? Her name was the… RMS Honourable.’

Tips and Advice


Play some dramatic or sad music before you begin, I recommend some dramatic music from the “Titanic” movie. It will definately make things more interesting.


To start the sinking process, you must go to the Bridge, where the wheel is located. There is a golden button in the center, press it and get your life jacket ready!


This can be quite a hefty map to run on some computers, if you do not have a good computer, do not expect good performance.


I have done my best to make this ship as player friendly as possible, but I can only do so much with the Source Engine.

You will be prone to getting stuck on this map as the ship lurches more and more, using crouch and jump is a good way to break out of this.
Crouching + Noclipping can also prove a smooth way to “Pretend” to move through the ship as it sinks.


If you’re going to publically show this map in ANYTHING, PLEASE give me the credit. I put a lot of effort and time into this map. download -


Special thanks to Callinstead for the ‘Honourable’ texture!

You forgot the workshop link, as well as a general download link.

Nice map :wink:

Cheers Stiffy, I added the workshop link. But I’m leaving it at that, download-wise.

Looks nice

Dont forget, it’s a -sinking- ship map. Not just eye-candy!

Press the button in the middle of the captains wheel to begin!

Excellent map! Yes the button on the helm is very important, someone thought the ship sank by tearing it apart with the phys gun.

Awesome. I’m going tot try this out right now. The last one was great, and this one is sure to be even better.

I changed my mind, I’ve added the download.

video pls

Unfortunately, I’m not good with film making. I was hoping someone with the skill and tech would do that.

Don’t all the screenshots convince you enough?

Since its a sinking ship, a video showing it in action would be much better than any screenshots

Can you or someone recommend anyone who’s good at that stuff?

You just need fraps and click record.

Dont really care for poncy editing, just want to see the mechanics of what it actually does

Playing it would be a much better way of showing that.

I just want to click a button, see it sink and move on with my life

Man that’s depressing…

How about click a button, be on it when it sinks, enjoy it more, move on with your life?

That’s the whole flipping point I put it up here in the first place.

Anyway, hopefully there’s a video coming soon for the other lazy people. Stay tuned.

Im a very lazy person, but to be quite honest I just want to see it sink quickly lol
Just am not fussed enough to download it, reinstall the game, do something I could have just watched, then uninstall again lol

  • busy doing the LOTR trilogy.

Sorry mate, unfortunately I only posted this for people who play Garrysmod.

But you can play this map on HL2, HL2 DM and probably the Episodes.

There will be videos up in the near future.

This map gives me the damn chills when the power blows out. Was hoping when it made that loud crashing noise the ship would split, somewhat like the Titanic

Mate, the day I manage to make a sinking ship as complex as this, split apart mid-sink, will be the day I work for Valve.

Maybe if I make another map, I can sacrifice the explorable interior of the ship for the hull splitting drama. It’s a very common question I get though.