The road to Dev Preview 1

This week I started us on the road to Dev Preview. These are obvious things that I think we need to do before we give external people access.

Started work on Dev site

This site allows developers to register their gamemodes and maps under an organisation. This is like workshop except faster, more organised, more tailored to how we want to work.

Started integrating with new API

The new API allows us to list gamemodes to display on the main menu. When you select or create a game we can query the backend to get more information about it, like where to download it.

The end goal is no addon or map installing, just click and play. Like visiting a website.

End User Experience Testing

Conna started making a gamemode using the Steam version so we can find anything we definitely need to fix before we let people in. This has already shown a few obvious issues that will need to be fixed before we give people access.

This week I’m going to get Louie to do the same thing from a Hammer point of view to make sure that all works too.

Paddy has been using SFM and has confirmed that as far as he can see, that all works fine.

Next Steps

I’ll post where we are next week but I’d expect to have got the map download/install process sorted by then and started work on the big blocker bugs. My guess is we’ll be in a position then to start giving a few people access.


Oh my god terry has become an alcoholic.
Good work.


Thanks for the updates, I really appreciate it :heart:




noice, glad to hear it all going well, the website is gonna be hella useful compared to workshop, especially when your content is over the upload limit on workshop and you have to split it into chunks and do each one separate, that shit sucks, also actually having it easier for people to playtest, and work together is gonna be so much nicer, like a fresh of breath air after being stuck in a stale room that is the process of uploading models and so on into gmod.
im already hyped for that freedom (and lots of less faffing about trying to figure out what i fucked up in the process of porting my models into gmod for the 39th time)


Well yeah, as good as Workshop is, we have an opportunity here to start fresh and try to evolve stuff.

It’s actually really nice to be able to drag and drop upload a map to a website to be able to publish it. No more messing about with special tools to upload a map :smile:


This is probably one of the most confusing things I’ve ever ran into. So glad you guys are making it easy! :clap:


I can’t wait to test this :smiley:


Just two questions:

  1. Two organizations can have the same gamemode right?
  2. How will you deal with name stealing in this case? If for example a developer chooses to register a bunch of organizations already existing from GMod or other communities.

Yeah you can have apple.melonracer and microsoft.melonracer.

If someone registers a bunch of names just to squat, we’ll just unregister them and ban the user.


Amazing job Garry!


as much as i could compare how awful the process in gmod/hl2 and so on can be, i also gotta remember that its running on a game engine that in a sense has been getting stretched around to do what people have wanted so much over a good 15+ odd years.
i wonder if source 2 will be the same, and if in like 15 years time source 2 will still be used as much as source.
it will be interesting to see.


What will the “play now” button shown in that video do? will it connect you to a random server running the gamemode? will it just open the server browser? or are there no plans for it yet and im wasting my time asking?


Firstly looks real promising and hope to get my hands on it as early as possible.

Secondly assuming once you click play on a gamemode it will download and store all the models/etc in a save location and as such I’m assuming there’d be a way to clear said storage to save space? Also what exactly would be saved models and entities or code as well (I hope not code)? And will there be any addon compression to their own format (something like lz4)?

Thirdly updating? Will addons have a changelog access or will that be done internally?


Amazing job to everyone, and its interesting to see where this is going and the fact that the end goal is just no fussy crap to get just a map or addon up will definitely motivate even more people to get into developing. Can’t wait for more updates and keep up the good work!


Right now it just tries to find a game. I have plans for other stuff like filters and server lists. Different games will want different things. Single player games won’t even have that button.


Yeah all this is stuff that we’ll sort out when devs have access and we need to address it.


i guess its one of those things where you could try and attempt make something now and give it to the devs, but then when we use it there is something that just doesn’t work well with it and stuff that might not be used,
guessing you will see people have to say and build it from there, rather than potentially making something that becomes unused or people instantly starting gobbing off about.


This look great! Such a simple process for both devs and players. Can’t wait to start developing in S&box :gorilla:


THis is so exciting