The road to Dev Preview 3

Make a pack of s&box assets available to mappers, then let the EA players test the maps made with the assets you gave, give keys to mappers who made the most fun maps.


It is important to have a dev wiki, If we access the game and development we can boost the writing of this wiki !

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Good point, but I’ve heard that Alyx and Terry have different heights, jump heights and all

And that how you cant sprint or jump in the HLA tools

Also multiplayer testing is a lot easier as far as I can tell

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There already is a Wiki.
For the most part you can write about tools that are available in HL Alyx

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I don’t really have the answer myself and a few people here gave out some good ideas honestly.

That being said I believe talking to the people who already has access, who know what it’s like working with the tools and in s&box, about who they think in the community they’ve seen work hard and would benefit the development/progress of s&box etc.

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This is a really good idea.

Another good way would be selecting people based on their dev portfolio. While I was putting together the S&Box Gamemode List, I went through most (if not all) gamemode concepts posted on the forums. There are some gamemode ideas, posted with hopes of increased chance for a key, however TTT Reborn for S&Box is probably the best example of people that should get access, since they have nice dev portfolio and a solid team.


Delegating to other key holders sounds like a good idea, until you realise you will only end up with a network of people who already know each other. It might be possible to combine this with some of the other mentioned methods.

Perhaps use the quarterly look of users on the forums? It generally filters out people who are recently posting just in an effort to get keys, while also showing creators who have been interested for a while. Infact, it has some people who already have keys.

From a community standpoint, s&box is an interesting one, there’s this collection of users who have been talking and following layla from the early days, along with a very large amount of new-ish users from the recent few months.

I disagree with the garry’s mod standpoint, although it does provide a medium for creators to have content, having a requirement that depends on previous hours in another game sounds a bit… meh.

Discussion about using the facepunch discord is actually a pretty good idea; the hardest part would be finding decent filters to narrow to search band down, since trawling through unsorted messages takes a while. My only sticking point, is that some people are unable to use the discord in recent months due to the phone verification level, but if this is done with another method, I don’t really see why not.

The best approach was always going to be a mix, since it’s hard to generalize and find skill levels.


Really can’t wait for this game to release, being able to have this much modding possibilities will be amazing and Linry Tag will be fun to make!

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Delegating keys distribution to the community will result in cycling them between people who know/like each other, which some people above have already pointed out. I’m sure there are some devs who don’t get in contact with the community much and those will be left out.

Trying to find people in #code or whatever in Discord is probably gonna be a mess, I can say that after chatting there for the last few days, it’s mostly people either arguing about React vs Vue or shitting on python or kubernetes or whatever or just begging for keys/posting random crap (sorry I’m a part of this mess :D).

To me the most obvious problem here is that after announcing that keys will be given out soon people went crazy and blew up both the forums and the discord, one of the solutions would be to “time-travel” a few weeks back to see who were good key candidates before all of this was known.


That said - if anyone has any decent low effort ideas on how to prioritize access, I’m all ears.

There are a fair few ways to go about this to be honest, but I would recommend going with a mix of people from different parts of the S&Box community.

As it has been said a fair few times, it’ll just turn into a friend circle (giving keys to the people they like, and opting out to give people keys who they dislike, regardless of skills/knowledge) - That’s why a mix of communities is probably the best way.

For the mix, I’d recommend:

  • People from the Forums, @WYVERN has a good suggestion on how to pick them out.
  • People who already have access & are already making content. (Facepunch’s discretion)
  • People from both the official & unofficial Discords. (Facepunch & community S&Box)

There are already a lot of suggestions on getting people from the official Facepunch Discord (via the #code channel, and just checking to see the people who are wanting to contribute).

For the unofficial S&Box Discord (owned by @PapaBrickolini), I’d honestly recommend giving the moderators of that Discord access to give out keys, as I’m 100% sure that they’ve all seen people who they believe deserve keys, and others who they believe do not deserve them.

I honestly think that this is probably one of the most efficient ways for key distribution since you’re covering multiple basis in terms of key distribution without any community getting left out (that I know of).


Sell them. It’s a lot easier, but a lot less efficient at getting the correct people in the game. Personally I can’t foresee any issues with this approach as long as it’s well known there is no content for regular players to enjoy.


One that I really agree with is getting a general consensus of what the key holders think who should have keys. (Not that they should have 100% say, just that if a decent amount of certain people then it might be worth looking into that person and seeing about giving them a key potentially)
Only since I have seen some amazing stuff from people but they dont want to post it in the forums as much like other people, so you never really get to see their amazing stuff they are making for sbox, they just feel bad posting here now since so many key grabbers have came with just a generic idea but saying they wont make it till they get access, like it sucks since now people who have their ideas, and have been making assets and so on everything they can try make right now, it makes them people become lumped into the “here is my idea, give me a key so i can ““make”” my idea in sbox.”

The people with the best ideas and skill in my experience are the ones who have actually talked to and been involved with other players and are making stuff in the past up till now, and are talking to people in the community about what can be done and what they want to do rather than just posting stuff on the forums to get their hands out for a key, dont get me wrong, alot of people are like that and also on the forums, but some of them are also just reading this post lets say but they are not as vocal as everyone but have been here the whole time and do have the skill and effort and everything to deserve a key.
The ones that have talked to others about ideas and such for the game to other player sure they want a key, but it means they also show drive to make stuff for others aswell and want to also listen and help others no they are listening and helping other and have been for the past for months or the longest time from what i have seen.
Like just going off who is most active on the forums for the past few month and such wont get people you want, although i have seen some really active people who do know what they are doing.
But yeah I agree with alot of ideas here for what could be done.
But at the same time you know what your doing right now aswell, and what you have been doing so far is also been a much better idea than what i have heard some people say in discord over the past few days (like giving them out to everyone right now since the game is ready for everyone! despite not actually seeing the current game state :expressionless: )

but so far i have seen alot of cool stuff people who have key have been making, despite hammer and modeldoc breaking alot, im thankful to the people who have shown me the process and also have tried to help me test models in sbox to make sure it actually looks good, (even though modeldoc broke right as they were about to import it, but oh well that happens, cant expect everything to be stable and perfect right at the start of early early early access, that would be daft), i have learned alot of stuff from testers for how to actually get right into making and importing into sbox, which has been hella useful and cool, even learned stuff i might not need to know for making models, but i have been gathering as much as i can know as passing it to my coding/mapper dev.
they are the type of people i also feel like could deserve keys, people who know what they are doing, people who actually want to make shit, but also the people like the testers right now who have let alot of people see into the development process and help people understand what they are doing.


get recommendations from current testers, but put them on a higher list so you can look into them.
some People are hiding their work and you have to find them since the dont like posting stuff but are really good.
get people who know how to make shit and have been making shit for sbox for a long time. (like go into categories, like mapping, modelling and so on and go by oldest to see what people have and are making stuff for a long time and are still around making stuff, that way you know they will stick around and wont get a key and ditch)
get people who can also help other players understand what they are doing when they can get into it.
do some ideas here to get idea of who should have keys but still chose people from that list yourself.

and thanks to testers who have shown and helped people with sbox, and who helped me to test my models in sbox, others may spam your dms for keys, or get angry you have a key, but i dont, love you for giving me a glimpse into sbox and helping me with stuff im making for sbox. :heart:


I mean, no - this isn’t the correct way to go about it. If it was ready to be sold, it would already be on the Steam store and we wouldn’t be asking about keys.

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That said - if anyone has any decent low effort ideas on how to prioritize access, I’m all ears.

Bring back the Unity quiz. Still waiting for a resolution to that cliffhanger.

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This seems like a good idea in theory, but a lot of us want keys for the rest of our teams but if it was like put some names forward it could work.
I definitely know who I would put forward.

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Honestly, i don’t think so,

Personally i would like to have a key just in order to use S&Box Tools like Hammer, ModelDoc etc (cuz i don’t own HL:Alyx), in my opinion the most developers who post their gamemode ideas won’t play, they just want to create content like me and express their creativity.


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As someone who’s interested in actually heavily looking into what’s possible models wise/particles wise (and having already looked into ragdolls, new animation tools, modeldoc, materialdoc) for the scene making community from both SFM and gmod, I can say that not being able to have a key while having a legitimate intent to want to have a key (especially while people are needed to tinker with sbox and s2 in general), it is kind of frustrating. With that being said however, I do know that it’s for the better that it’s up to Garry and staff to decide who gets a key because they’re pretty much here all the time, they know who’s actively involved and who isn’t.

Delegating the task to another person isn’t going to help much because emotions really do get the better of people and of course they’ll want to surprise their friends and make them happy. Recommending other people with legitimate proof could be a way but it’d require judging whether someone’s past work is good enough for them to get a chance to tinker with S2 which they might for one reason or another not be comfortable with or good at. I think with the current criteria of allowing people who have showed continued interest have a key, we’re going to get shit done because these people have showed that they do want to get things done, like Papa Brickolini for example.

Anyway, with all that being said I as a filthy porter will continue to keep messing with modeldoc and materialdoc and seeing what I can do until I can have what is literal eyecandy to us stuck with S1’s tools. But, soon!


Could be worth giving the ability for the team working on S&box to hand out keys at their own discretion - delegates that out quite evenly without much additional effort


I can only speakt for us, the TTT Reborn team, but we don’t want the game to play it, but to start with the gamemode.
Honestly I don’t know what a good approach at distributing keys would be, but I guess most people on these forums already know that they don’t get a playable game. We, a team of 7, already wrote some boilerplate code and put each about 1000h into GMod modding. However we’re absolutely no active posters in the Facepunch discord or forums because we have our own rather popular discord.
Maybe hand out a single key to each project team for now and see what they come up with. If it looks promising, the other members can receive a key as well.


can i just say this to you lot, having early access doesn’t make you more or less of a person

some of us may want the tools that aren’t in the hl alyx tools