The Rockcrawler

Winston and I built a challenging vehicle- a rock crawler. Powered by Winston’s Potent v8 and a 2 speed transmission with gearing of 10:1 and 2:1.

Winston built the chassis and engine, I did the body and transmission.

it climbs everything.

may need to finish processin’

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also it doesn’t use any downforce on the wheels or anything like that, only jeeptire.

Wow that thing looks amazing!! I really like the way it looks! Nice job man add me on steam paladin6793

Porno music did add a certain effect to the presentation.

porno music on a vid with a badass rock crawler doesnt make sense

I love the way the whole thing twists when you blip the throttle in neutral.

how the hell is it porno music

I love it it looks so powerful and sexy!

When do we get to hump the missing tail pipe? Nice job guys.

Cool sthuf

Just use the hl2 jeep.

We proved this can climb better than one, so no.

  1. It doesn’t climb as well.
  2. You don’t get to drive it around, showing it off on random GMod servers with a super smug attitude.

I can only use it on my server until upload/download is fixed with tbdupe

This looks like it does not give a single fuck.