The Rocketeer

Hello everyone.

I’ve been lurking these forums since '06, but this is my first post, so I’ll try to be as professional as possible.

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The Rocketeer. Seriously, this guy was the absolute coolest superhero ever. He’s like Indiana Jones with a jet pack. He would make a great player model, perhaps even be part of a jetpack gamemeode, not to mention epic for posing.

I would also like to see a model of his awesome helmet, which is sort of a steampunk style Daft Punk helmet.

I hope a modeler with some spare time might be able to do this, as I would love to see him in-game. Thanks in advance to anyone who gives it a go!

Yeah I really liked the comics, full of crazy characters, that still seemed pretty real.

I hope this gets made.

Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!!! i remember this guy!

seriously, this HAS to be done! this is the most epic hero character to fly the skies…

I remember watching the movie a little while back, it was pretty good, I think…When I was a kid I sometimes confused parts of it with Back to the Future for some reason and kept thinking Doc Brown was in it, LOL.

Anyways, it sounds like an awesome idea. Can’t say I’ll download it, but I support this model’s production.

There’s a game called Dark Void coming out in January which is practically the Rocketeer in the future on another planet. Maybe when that comes out, someone can port it into GMod and someone can skin it to be the Rocketeer?