The Roof Watch

I posed this ages ago, was a model test for Snood’s facegen-made model of a mutual friend. The composition is kinda whack and pringles man looks out of place, but fuck you, I like it. That isn’t to say that you should restrain yourselves, however. Throw all the criticism you have at me.

Editing was a bit weird because stuff I thought would be easy like the shading took ages and converting the shotgun into a trench gun (adding a heat shield and bayonet lug, which no shotgun is properly dressed without :colbert:) took no time at all, contrary to my expectations. I was gonna add camo to his pants, but fuck it and fuck you. It’s 04:45 here.


oh and one less picture cluttering up my “EDIT THESE YOU LAZY FAGGOT” folder yesssssssssss

I love the posing, but hate the blur. Too distorted for my liking. Looks a bit like a scene from a movie, mefinks.

Not bad. I like the colorscheme.

Shadows could use some work though, they seem kinda muddy.

shadow editing proccess:

goes spastic with 9px solid black brush

goes spastic with 13px soft blur brush

sets to multiply, 67%

that might have something to do with it

Cool I like it

Dude, never ever use simle dof!
Other then that, it’s okay. Camera angle is boring tho, and you should really zoom in more.

that’s not simple dof, that’s super. the blur was set a bit high, i guess.

i like the new super algorythm better because it seems to more accurately simulate how eyes focus, but if it’s on much more than 0.2 blur it gets really weird. maybe next big update, garry will get it perfect. we can only hope.

I’m glad to see you postin’ up more shit. Pringles man gets you bonus points.

Nice shadows.


Light direction is ambiguous though.

Fuck, now I want some pringles. :frown:

Dat posing. Seriously.

hahah genius