The Rouge Marine.

“The Rogue Marine”

First serious attempt at Posing.

Thoughts? Comments? Improvements?

The dead soldiers appear to be oddly posed, but other than that this is a pretty good picture

Thanks, My first pose and the models used for the soldiers were a little spazzy.


Updated :P.

The foreground is giving me a stroke.

Yeah, I might have overdone it on the blur.

First attempt?

Bloody good for a first one. Keep practicing, you have potential!!!

Cheers, I’m gonna try to do one per day to practice.

he doesn’t look very red to me

I heard every man has his own standards…

The rouge soldier! Catches criminals and makes their cheeks look fabolous!

Okay, now some criticism.

First, you have to render Super DoF. If you have problems with it, disable multicore rendering.

Second, the angle is bad and scene look really generic and empty. Try to add some action to the screenshots, oherwise they will be boring and generic.

Third, don’t use ingame blood paint. It sucks. You can add it in GIMP or Photoshop, with better effect.

And practice on posing, because it looks awkward on this screen.

False statement.

Marines don’t wear ACU.
wait fuck thats nit picking.

Did you forget to render?

Camera is drunk.

Ok, i didn’t notice what i had to render. So thanks for that :P.

Yep :slight_smile:

"Boys we have a traitor-oh wait you’re all dead…