The Royal Pilgrim V1

The Royal Pilgrim V2, and her Grave.


This is the new updated version of my map "The Royal Pilgrim, including the new sequel map “The Royal Pilgrims Grave”.

This zip contains two maps, one of the Royal Pilgrim, a map of a ship which you can sink by pressing a button at the stern. As well as the sequel map set many decades
after the sinking of the Royal Pilgrim, in which you return to the site she sank at, and explore the old remains of the Royal Pilgrim at the bottom of the ocean.


You are about to embark on the small, but stubborn ship, “The Royal Pilgrim”. She’s survived many a voyage across many a wave, hauling passengers and cargo from horizon to horizon.
The captain, so proud of his ship, thought they would never fall beneath the waves, like so many before them… But sadly, this would be his and her last journey, as the ocean set out
to swallow them up, just like all those before them. This was the last day the Royal Pilgrim would live, before becoming a permanent resident of the dark, cold underworld.

Eventually, many decades later, she still lays in her grave at the bottom of the dark abyss, now a twisted iron corpse. Go there now, and experience what death in the deep ocean really is.

Tips and Advice


Play some dramatic or sad music before you begin, I reccommend some dramatic music from the “Titanic” movie. It will definately make things more interesting.


To start the process, there is a large button at the rear of the ship.


This can be quiet a hefty map to run on some computers, if you do not have a good computer, do not expect good performance.


I have done my best to make this ship as player friendly as possible, but I can only do so much with the Source Engine.

You will be prone to getting stuck on this map as the ship lurches more and more, using crouch and jump is a good way to break out of this.
Crouching + Noclipping can also prove a smooth way to “Pretend” to move through the ship as it sinks.


If you’re going to publically show this map in ANYTHING, PLEASE give me the credit. I put a lot of effort and time into this map.

Download link -

It is also available on the Toybox!

Interesting concept, but please align your textures next time.

too blocky just watch rp_ship2,ttt_vessel and u will know what i mean

Nice work, bro.
I dont know, if you like crashes\disasters, maybe you can make something like this?

Here is 'Actual water".

Will be great, if you try make map with ship + wave :]

It’s not actual water. Looks like a water brush, shaped to look like a wave moving with func_water_analog.

Source doesn’t support complex water.

Cheers guys.

With that mis-aligned texture, I’m really sorry about that, I can’t believe I let that happen.

Map’s great, and I like the story. Nice work.

Very nice map :slight_smile:

I guess a 3d skybox is incoming?

After getting all the feedback, I’ve made a lot of big changes, including a 3D skybox.

And one MASSIVE part of the map, which I hope will make you cry when you see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you could make some custom textures, that’d look awesome. CGtextures might have something useful. PM me if you need help making them.

This looks great and I love the idea of a sinking ship. Just played 999 (DS game)

Love that feeling. I really look foward to your next release, v2.

I hope to see that the ship gets more complex, I wanna play that map with friends, to find out who will last longest. Any hints on a release date for the next version?

I hope the ship gets a bit bigger, it feels as if doorways are somehow a tad too small to enter :frowning: Other then that very nice job, I love how it sinks.

Hey guys, as you may of already seen. I’ve uploaded V2 (Which is a vast improvement) and the sequel to this map on the Toybox!

I’ve been trying to upload it to but it’s been down the past thew days.

Please tell me what you think!


What different in v2?

P.s. Dude, you rlly must make map with biggest ship!

any chance you can make the lights in the hallways no collided? i get caught up on them :stuck_out_tongue:

Really liking V2! I’ve waited so long to see something like this pop up in gmod, I am obsessed with sinking ships and everything like that. Water looks so much better in the second version.

Please tell me how you did this! I’ve had a map of a ship that was intended to be sinking for ages, but I could never do it!

On the other hand, my ship is huge so it could be too much for source to handle.

I love this map, i really do

Make a bigger version =D
a titanic version :stuck_out_tongue:

This map is fucking amazing, but make it bigger and a bit more dramatic