The RT camera spray is even possible?

yes, a rt camera spray, i wonder if it is possible like to edit a spray in my “materials/vgui/logos/spray.vmt” like replace the line <

"$baseTexture"     "spray"

with <

"$baseTexture"     "_rt_Camera"


you can make this a material, but I think sprays have a set maximum on what it can use.
this would be interesting if it worked with screenspace, for real portal sprays.

and if you look at what you did, you changed the type of material, and that disabled it as a spray.

You gotta admit, he had a good idea. Just a case of failed logic.

E2 holograms can do this.

Can’t you just spawn a very flat prop and make its material that of the RT Camera?

… what if the gamemode doesnt allow prop spawning but allows sprays… too bad they said it wont work…


and what e2 has to do about a rt spray(not every server has e2, however chances are that the server will allow sprays)


i was looking at some .vmt and it somehow uses a second texure to “replace” that part of the texure with a rt texure, is that possibe?

Could you explain how?



Now that is clever.

Thank you.

and why exaclty can’t we just make it work again? I must have missed that detail. Just because you change teh texture type?