The Ruins of Indianapolis - Promo

Had fun making this

Good writing, posing and camera angles throughout. Editing is okay too.

That was good! I liked the model choices you chose

I would naturally give the kind of critisism I give on Screenshots but seen as this is a comic and NO ONE wants to take 4 hours editing each panel, I will shut up and just say that you should make the lasers less opaque.

For a promo is pretty nice, I will look forward to this comic.

Thanks all

Okay, let’s finish it RIGHT NAOW!

If you don’t finish it I’ll rip your balls off… this is pure awesomeness.

Sounds promising. I’ll be looking forward to this.


This looks good. A comic with decent editing even. I will pay attention to this one.

Nice one dude ^^
Enjoyable to read, and overall good editing :smiley:

Thanks mate

hmm very interesting

Pretty cool!

Thanks you two.


well said

Too be honest, nothing really sticks out. Also Alyx’s face posing on the second panel is a little odd.
Otherwise, it was pretty good. Looking forwards to more.

Thanks, but i don’t really know what you mean by “nothing really sticks out” could you explain? :smile:

It has nothing special. There is nothing that other comics or series don’t have that sticks out to me in particular.