"The runner from boston" - Scout running from BLU in the streets

And he’s using Crit-a-Cola!

Picture music:

That fog is pretty random, and you forgot to isolate before doing the shading… I like the effects.

Alex mercah, oh hell yeah.

bad posing

Is he having rabies? Look at his mouth and you will see what I mean.

That’s what you get for drinking “BONK!”

Nice one. :slight_smile:

Bad shading, the editing is kinda okey (The fog is way too 2D, shouldn’t there be some INFRONT of his foot aswell?) and the posing is kinda awkward.

editings a bit sloppy on the hood, otherwise pretty good

Purple bonk can? grape flavor?

purple can = the new Bonk Crit-A-Cola item. the scout deals minicrits, (despite the fullcrit glows), but he also takes minicrits when hurt.