"The Runner" Game Request (Nornan12 and Cheeseburga)

This idea is more or less a crossover of the popular gamemode “Jailbreak” or “Jail RP” and Mirror’s Edge.

There are two classes; runner and police.

+Has the ability to scale walls
+Can sprint/run
-Only weapon is a knife
-Can not pick up weapons

+Can use scope/binoculars to see from far distances
+Has a variety of weapons
+Can “spot” runners (see below)
-Can not run/sprint
-Can not climb walls

The gamemode is simple. There is a team of runners and a team of police. The runners must avoid the police and survive for a set amount of time, while the police must find the runner and kill them as quickly as possible. When all the runners are dead, the police win. When all the police are dead or time runs out, the runners win.

The ratio of runners to police should be 1/3 (ie: if nine people are on a server, three will be runners, six will be police)

Spotting is an ability used by police that allows them to more easily pursue runners. A police can spot a runner when the runner is directly under his crosshair and when he presses a bound button (ie: if a police is looking directly at a runner and presses “f3,” the runner is spotted.) When spotted, (from the police’s point of view,) the runner’s player model will be highlighted and the police will get a speed and a damage bonus. The runner is no longer spotted if he escapes the police’s view for five seconds.

I hope this is clear enough. I will update the op when me or Cheeseburga think of anymore ideas. This is only a concept, neither Cheeseburga nor I can script well in lua, which is why this is a request, so any contribution would be great.

Update: 1/27

Because I have absolutely no creativity whatsoever, first map, run_giant_weapons_factory, is going to be based on Der Riese (from Call of Duty 5 zombies). I’ll upload screenies in a couple hours.

Could be a nice quick gamemode.

Bigcity would work for this, also leetnoob has a great climbing system which would work perfectly for this. You should try learning some lua and attempting it yourself, doesn’t seem too hard.

This actually sounds like it has potential.

I believe this will go far. Hopefully someone will code this.

This sounds amazing and i would definitely play it

Make me a map for this and I’ll make it.

It would be interesting, I also want to play something like this xD

Why not have Parkour Fortress in Garry’s Mod?

Alright, I’ll get started.

So like Prototype?

I love the idea if you need any help with models or animation tell me!

Thanks for the offer, but we should be fine. We’re probably going to end up just using HL2 and CSS models.

If anyone was paying attention to the OP (or even looking at the thread at all), you noticed that I said I would upload some screenshots of the map. I lied (lul). After a second look I decided there wasn’t very much to show and I had been slacking off on it. However, I’m gonna try to get back into it and get more done on it. Sorry for the delay.

I love playing Fugitive.

Beginning of the map. This is here specifically for Cheeseburga, but you guys can take a look if you’d like. http://www.mediafire.com/?advc1vgvxilaf4c