"The Running Man"

I’ve started, what I’d like to call, “The Running Man Challenge” on my server. An admin will suit up with a FULL backpack of goodies and head out across the map. A ‘popup’ will announce “The Running Man Challenge” and everyone and anyone will try to find and hunt him down (he’ll probably be dressed like “Where’s Waldo”). So first you have to track down and kill the ‘Running Man’ and then you’ll have to fight to keep the goodies. It’s like an airdrop but the ‘Running Man’ will be fighting for “his” life too (with basic weapons).

So if you like the idea you should come check us out at, “Captain Trips (HARDCORE SURVIVAL & The Running Man Challenge)” or just punch in IP Address The map is fairly open at the moment so you should have too many issues establishing your base of operations. No Admin Abuse and Griefers are BANNED immediately…

Let me know what you think.

I’ve literally just finished watching the tv program “Manhunt”, this sounds exactly like that and I think it’s a brilliant idea! :smiley:

You should make it even better. Make the running man a contestant too. Give him all the goodies, and tell him he has to go from where you start to a certain point on the map. If he makes it there without dying he can keep the goodies. You can always go invisible and run along side him to observe. lol

Or just have a crate at the finish where they have to unload everything in the backpack to prove they didn’t heist it. Kick and Ban them if they do.

Oh, I forgot to add the kick/ban to my reply.

Nice shout out to an awesome old school movie!

And it’s a cool game concept to boot!