The Rust Blacksmith/Weaponsmith Thread

A while back (specifically in July) I posted my first Rust inspired weapon, the link for that is at the bottom of this thread. An ugly ass machete type thing forged from an old lawnmower blade. I have since then improved my blacksmith technique to make better, more aesthetically pleasing blades from nothing more than the scrap metal from my local junk-yard and the corners of my own garage. That means no purchased, good quality steel from vendors such as and random heat treating results! So here is a few of my “rusty” weapons which hopefully remain faithful to the rust theme.
The Nicholson Bastard File Blade

-This blade began it’s journey as a crappy old metal file sitting in the bottom of my father’s toolbox. After flattening the teeth and shaping the point in the forge and on my anvil, I sanded/grinded down the rest of the shape and bevel. I sanded it once more with 600 grit sand paper to remove any rough surfaces. Again, to keep the Rust theme, I simply wrapped a quick para-cord handle. I can easily see this as an upgrade to the bone knife.

The Home-made Karambit
-A quick trip to Ace-Hardware and was ready to begin forging this little bastard of a knife. This was my first time experimenting with curved blades, and it actually turned out pretty damn well. Made with from cheap welding steel. I currently use this Sumatran style blade as my deer-skinning knife.

The Saw-Blade Cleaver (Sorta)

-I say “sorta” because its not quite the size of an actual western cleaver, its more like a Chinese kitchen knife, measuring at around 7 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches. As you can see from the hole in the center, this was once part of a table saw blade. Pretty easy to make.

I’m fairly confident these examples could be made in the Rust world, even with rudimentary tools (The Chinese knife was made using stock removal Metal files were primarily used except for when I needed to sand the surface with a belt sander).
This is what I do as a hobby, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I also invite anyone who has made something in real life “Rust” themed to post it here in this thread. I like seeing the creativity others express.
Link to my old thread:

I made a knife once with a friend who’s a blacksmith. He helped a lot and gave really good advice.

It turned out shit and then it snapped in half

You should’ve kept at it, the first one is always shit, like the lawn mower butter knife excuse of a machete I made in my first thread but you gradually improve. A snapped blade pretty much means the heat treat was incorrect. :v:

agreed, too brittle suggests it was overheated then quenched.