[The Rust Emporium]Active Admins, DDOS Protected, PvP, 15AD

How to connect: Press F1 - net.connect


  • Rust++
  • Drop++

Admin Policies

  • Active admin almost 24 hours a day
  • Admin doesn’t give out items (Except for events)
  • Does not play only administrates
  • Constantly checks for hackers
  • Constantly checks for exploiters
  • No admin bias

Server Rules:

  • Anything lost during a crash or rollback is non-refundable.
  • Exploiting of any kind is not allowed anyone caught will have a character and building wipe.
  • Hacking of any kind is not allowed, anyone caught will be instantly banned.
  • If you need a pillar, roof, or foundation removed on your house contact an admin.
  • If you want a pillar, roof, or foundation removed you must have proof that the house is yours.
  • Admins will not destroy walls, doors, or door frames.
  • Under normal circumstances gods will not spawn players items.
  • Spamming music is allowed.(You must stop if the admin asks you to stop)
  • Walling in a base is allowed.
  • Excessive slander towards the admins will get you a mute.

Server Overview:

  • Active admins
  • Bimonthly Events
  • Wiped 2/27/2014
  • Hack Free
  • PvP
  • True Survival
  • DDOS Protected
  • Low Ammo Drops
  • Air Drop C4 Only
  • 10P Airdrop

If you end up liking the server please vote it up on http://toprustservers.com and at http://www.rustserverfinder.com/server.php?s=537


I see people shamelessly bump their posts so I guess I will as well.

Fantastic Server. Played on it for a while now and love it. Admins help players if they really need help, for example placing a pillar in the wrong place or a ceiling. Admins help remove these, and it’s fantastic. They are also on monitoring for exploiters and hackers. Couldn’t recommend this higher.

Awesome server. Active admins who are also reachable via Steam if you get to know them a little bit. This server has a couple of regulars (at least 15 regulars) and is pretty nice if you’re looking for room to build and gear up for PvP. Raiding isn’t very common, but actual PvP can be common if you look for it.

One of my most favorite things about this server is that it’s not like the official servers, buildings aren’t EVERYWHERE and you can generally lock down an area by just living there. It’s a nice change of pace and server population has been increasing steadily. Quite a few players are up for consensual pvp if you want to take a break from building and gathering resources.

The only downside is that the server population is currently small but there’s been awesome benefits such as room to build and no hackers plus people usually stick around once they’ve been exposed to this server for at least a day or so. Server population definitely peaks every night and during the weekend when all the working adults get home to play some Rust.

Administrators are also very very level-headed and do not care if you’re legitimately good at the game just as long as you aren’t hacking, exploiting, or glitching.

Mature people play here.