The Rust Epidemic - A soldiers tale

Here I am. A fresh spawn in a land I’ve never dared to travel to. I find it to be very lonesome and quite boring, but at the same time I feel FREE for a change. You see, I had just joined the Army and it almost felt like as soon as I had joined they started shipping us out by the hundreds to help control this epidemic going around called “The Rust Virus.” I had no idea what the hell was going on, I just shut my mouth and went along with it.

We arrived and within 5 steps of leaving the plane we say people screaming, crying, even what looked like people trying to slice their body parts off. I was very worried, but all I could do is concentrate on all these island people suffering! I wanted to help. The morning after we had landed I was woken up at 0300 to a loud alarm that sounded like it was dying due to the generators going out. I got up, ran to our patrol helicopter and jumped right in! We started off, and I couldn’t help but notice our pilot was having a coughing fit as we started to the next destination.

As I looked out the side door, I noticed everything was gone! Just some small factory sights that looked like there were some… “Alarm Alarm Alarm” Something started happening with our chopper and all I could hear was a panicking shout from everyone. “HOLD THE FUCK ON!” …

We crashed. I could barely see what was going on. It felt like my legs were broken but I could still move them pretty well. I noticed out of the corner of my eye someone charging at us to come and help! The figure got more clear and it looked like something from the Walking Dead! It’s eyes were pure white, it was snarling and thrashing. “Fuck this pain, I have to get out of here!” So I stood half way up, took a deep breath and booked it for the rocks. A few days had gone by so I decided to head back to the chopper. I grabbed some survival tools and equipment then headed back to where I was laying. I don’t know why but I saw a camera and I decided to take pictures of what I knew was going to be a survival exploration!

Here is a shot of my small hut I lived in for awhile. I don’t know how long but it felt like forever!

Where are the other pictures, nice story

You can improve your screenshots via F1 -> switch of HUD, the label in the upper right corner and the chat if you want.

Just press the button which you can see on the right side of the console.

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