The rust forum needs its own rating!

Was looking through the silk icon pack earlier and saw this:

Keyed x 1 (list)

Keyed basically means stoned out of your mind/crazy where I come from, could be applied to most people here :v:

Lets face it! It would get over used with half of the ideas!
If you’re playing rust you’ve gotta be a lil crazy!

Some extra ratings would be great though :slight_smile:
An axe to the head for someone that you would like to shutthefuckup

There’s dumb for that.

Oh really? not enough for me.
And yes it was maybe a bad idea but still we could have some more ratings what is bad about that ?


There are rarely any situations where the ratings weren’t enough, for example the post that My Bratwurst made about that dead sonic kid.
Nothing against new ratings, but I think they are just unnecessary.

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I’d love to see “bad reading” and “bad writing” to come back though, but that’s kinda offtopic.

The Rust forum needs to be quarantined and destroyed

I think

suits the majority of this forum just fine.