The RUST Helicopter


I had a quick question about the RUST helicopter. I only really found out about it’s existence by seeing it mentioned.

Does anyone have any information regarding it? I understand it is being planed still.

  1. How many helicopters will there be on the map?

  2. Can you craft the helicopter?

  3. Will there be any other plans for vehicles?

  1. It’s like an event.
  2. Can you?
  3. Unknown.

i love how you go to all this effort to make a shit post when you could have searched and gotten the answers pretty much instantly. grats

All my effort for a shit post? Saves me searching for a while when I need to sleep soon. The forums are here for people to use. I used it to ask a question. Nothing dumb about that.

took me 4 minutes to find, should answer most of your questions that have been asked in the past.
Also, yeah you made a shit post.

Just drop it. There is nothing shit about asking a question. A shit post would be asking about “can we shit in RUST?”.

It took you 4 minutes to find that thread, it took me 10 seconds to write my question. The option I took worked for me pal.

Hellsvien just ignore him the guy is being a asshole… BTW litterly nothing wrong about asking questions.


It is a unmanned vehicle that will kill players in a certain time period (when event is created) also it might be able to blow up houses (in discussion)

< realized it was a necro’d thread… pfft >

I hope people realize that this thread is from mid-December and was necro’d by someone who both didn’t answer the OP’s question and doesn’t understand the search function lol.

EDIT: and yes, I realize I’m just as guilty, but srsly this thread is super duper dead lol