The Rust Influx of New Facepunchers

From the title you may think oh this just must be a FP vet getting angry at the new guys, but this is actually on the contrary.

I am part of the influx of new members due to rust. I can easily see why the Facepunchers who have been here for a while can get angry and tired of the bullshit coming from the non sticky reading idiots, however I constantly see players who were lucky to get a key absolutely flaming the new guys. I totally understand people joining pre-rust being angry at questions that aren’t exactly needed in the forum. I don’t speak of the “Key Plz Plz” threads ,but some with at least a little relevance.

But my rant is I constantly see the people who joined June or July 2013 saying " we don’t like your kind here" or “facepunch doesn’t want your kind” I mean come on let the vets bitch about new guys not you one month backseat mod flamers. -end rant

good to know

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join date elitism works both ways

Sorry man, I have a hard time understanding what you are complaining about, can you be a little more clear and precise please?

I forgot a bit in my post there the discovery of Rust has also brought in some great new members that I see constantly helping and thinking of revolutionary ideas for the game. These are the members who deserve the keys ,and it makes me happy to see these great members helping develop the community and game.

Edit: I was aiming my complaints at the newly joine members who were lucky enough to snag a key ,but they then feel the need to constantly flame people trying to find out more about the game granted they should read before posting most times ,but the flame is my Nessesary.

it doesn’t matter if they’re from june 2013 or june 2006, if they have a point they have a point

I Definantly see your point snail ,but for some reason I feel it is sort of play for the older members to be a little fed up with the new guys. But maybe it’s just me reading into the forum too much. These were just my thoughts after reading a few thread today take them how you wish. No harm done if no one agrees.

I don’t think there was a need to make this rage thread, this thread is severely unnecessary