The Rusty Acehole Wants You!!!

The Rusty Acehole|PVP|PVE|Low;C4,Mil,Dura.|Arena


I love this server. Once more people come on in, it will be even better than it already is!!! Thank you for making this server guys.


Absolutely wonderful server!

So glad the admin turned down the durability, makes it more realistic. The new patch made it where items break WAY too fast. Now you can actually farm without your pickaxe/hatchet breaking after every 4 nodes.

EDIT: Questions answered, post removed
on a side note, very good server so far

Good feedback. The loot tables are being fine tuned by the owner.

Welcome to the server.

Very nice seeing you in game and look forward to checking out your house. Glad they answered your questions and feel free to ask any of us questions that come to mind. Also, I invite you to come check out our community forums since you are enjoying this server at The Rusty Acehole and again, welcome.

Bump. :nws:

Come on in and stay awhile, you will enjoy it.

Seeing new faces here everyday! Just a simple player promoting this server since so far it has turned out to be my all time favorite server.