The Rusty Family PVE Server, EU

We are a group of people who got sick of being killed on sight, and people waiting for you to rebuild your base and then kill you again! Hackers, Griefers and Bandits…

So … we got our own server, and have set this one up for newbies and people who want to get into the game to learn and progress at their own pace, with being KoS!

Server Name: Multiplay The Rusty Family PVE
Location: West Europe
Where is it?: net.connect
Quick Login: Hit F1, and copy/paste net.connect

Air Drops: Air Drops are set to 10 people minimum, random spawn places and times!

Kind of server: PVE, Killing of people WILL result in BAN, unless defending your home.

Raiding allowed?: Yes, off course. This is a part of the game. BUT… Blasting a house, to get in, AND killing the player is banable. IF the player is defending his house and firing at you, you can then return fire. If you kill the owner then, it’s defending yourself, even tho you are the raider. We do ask that IF you raid a base, leave the sleeping bag for people to return.

Purpose of this: We want people to have a blast in the game. But as RUST have a pretty steep learning curve, we do want to help get you started. There is some sheds scattered around, some buildings for you to use. If it have no door, you can set up your own there. If you find a house with crates, furnace and such inside, someonw owns it. If you set up a new door, be prepared to be raided and loose your door again. This is how the game is intended to be.

But as a new player, it’s alot to figure out, so we want to help! You will only get a sleeping bag IF you find our «Rusty Town» and it’s a house there for you.

What have we done?: We have created a «Main Town», called «Rusty Town», that is based from The Walking Dead series. We have Admins houses here, and 12 extra houses for the community. We will provide with a Metal Door, and a Sleeping Bag. The rest is up to you.

Where is houses?: There are small compounds scattered around in different areas. It’s up to you to trust or not trust people and use the houses there, or build your own base.

I know that atm servers are laggy, and they will continue to be so until ulink is taken care of and all … but we are still enjoying the server … with the spikes every now and then! :smiley:

We wish u welcome to the server!

server offline